Top Budget Graphics Cards


The importance of video graphics in gaming cannot be overemphasized. But you don’t have to invest in a
$200 graphics card in order to enjoy the gaming experience. There are numerous quality graphics cards
that can play at 720p and 1080p with medium-high settings. If you are working with a budget of between
$70 and $150, you can have a decent gaming experience as both AMD and Nvidia continue releasing newer,
efficient, and pocket friendly graphic cards. These are compatible with the latest windows 10 and skylake
processors and support the latest direct X 12, which makes them ideal for the newest titles. The following
is a guide to the top budget graphics cards for 2016 designed for gaming at 1080p. But first things first:

What you should know
Graphics cards come with their own processor and a fan that automatically turns on when the GPU needs to
be cooled down. They either come part of a prebuilt desktop or you’ll need to put together you’re own build with other components. heat sink is also integrated onto the chip for displacing any unwanted heat produced as
you use the card.

The least amount of working memory should be 256mb. Most people today use an SLI-ready motherboard,
which allows the use of two graphics cards without the need for two computers. Before purchasing, you
need to ensure the video card is compatible with your PC. A PCI express will not work with an AGP
interface, so you’ll have to return it to your seller. The AGP slot comes with 4X and 8X speeds, while the
PCI slot works with 4X,8X, 16X & 32X.

#MSI Nvidia GeForce GT 610 GDDR3 2GBe7c1dc7e20efc57e9558790fe65aee06

Budget $59.99

This is a pretty functional GPU – an OEM only, entry level graphics card.

The code name for its GPU isGF119-B1, which comes with 1 Stream activated multiprocessors and subsequently offers 4 ROPs, 8 TMUs,
and 48 Shader Processing Units. The Central Unit clocks in at 550MHz, whiles the GPU uses a 1GB frame
buffer (DDR3) via a memory interface of 64 bits.
It supports Direct X 11.0 and is compatible with Realtime Raytracing, PhysX, 3D Vision Surround, and
other technologies.

#EVGA GeForce GT 740tumblr_o30gf5hN3z1uxnx66o1_500

Budget $99.99

This a special version of the GeForce GT 740, which has been overclocked from 993 to 1059MHz.

Thememory clock has been downgraded to 667MHz to make the graphics card single slotted, while the framebuffer was boosted to 4GB. However, this does not contribute to its performance, and is just an insanemarketing gimmick aimed at confusing customers into paying more for the same item.The 4GB frame buffer of GDDR3 operates at a memory interface of 128 bits. The GPU supports Direct X12.0, and is compatible with Realtime Raytracing, PhysX, 3D Vision Surround, DirectCompute, OpenCL,CUDA, and other technologies.

#EVGA GeForce GT 730 DD3 2GB234501179.gigabyte-gf-gt640-2gb-64bit-ddr5-pci-e-n640d5-2gi

Budget: $69.99
The GeForce GT 730 graphics card is based on the 2nd revision of the Kepler Architecture, and is integrated
with the Kepler GK208 GPU. It comes with 2 Stream Multiprocessors, but with half its bus width in order to
accommodate an even lesser power consumption and subsequently cooler working temperature. The CU
(Central Unit) operates at 902MHz and the GPU uses a 2GB frame buffer (DDR3), via a memory interface of
64 bits. Supports Direct X 11.0, and allows for Realtime Raytracing, PhysX, 3D Vision Surround,
DirectCompute, OpenCL, CUDA, Optimus, and other technologies.

#EVGA GeForce GTX 750

Budget: $123.99
This is a special version of the GeForce GTX 750, which is designed with a custom cooling solution that
allows a slight boost in performance with its Boost 2.0 technology. It comes with 4 activated Stream
Microprocessors, and subsequently offers 16 ROPs, 32 TMUs, and 512 Shader Processing Units that operate
on a memory interface of 128 bits via GDDR5. The operating band width of its central unit is between
1250MHz and 1085MHz, while that of the memory clock is 1250MHz. It supports Direct X 11.2, and allows
for PhysX, GeForce Experience, GPU Boost 2.0, G-SYNC, GameStream, and other technologies.


In case your CPU temperature exceeds the 55 degrees Celsius mark while playing, you may want to invest
in a graphics card that excretes hot air at the back. But if the CPU temperature does not rise above that, a
quieter custom cooler will be ideal, and the heat dissipation may actually extend your GPU’s lifespan. The
important thing is to factor in cooling while shopping for the top budget graphics cards in the market.

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