Gaming is a huge business now. Today’s generation is simply addicted to games. Lots of contents are available on gaming. But it is difficult to tell which of these are quality contents. Here are some very good resources on gaming that you can trust.

Code of Honor

This is a blog written by Patrick Wyatt. He is a game developer, programmer, and a game player. This blog is about game designing and game programming.

The Escapist

It has the best games-related videos on online. The contents are written with great humor and lots of detailed information.


It is a huge gaming site that is full of information. It provides information regarding PC-based games, as well as consoles. There are lots of exclusive materials available for serious gamers.

PC Gamer

This is a great platform where you will find news, reviews and information about hardware and many more. You will get to know about the top PC games here.

These sites are the most popular sites on gaming. You will know about the latest releases, upcoming games, playing skills, cheats, reviews and many more. Just visit these sites regularly and you won’t miss any latest news about the gaming world.