Razer Gaming Controllers Review

Razer is a company that features several brands of high-end gaming controllers. Some of their most popular models include the Onza , Sabertooth , Serval, Tartatus and the R-Z06 model gamer controller. Razer is known in the gaming world for their high performance products and fully customizable gaming controllers. Each model has a specific use depending on the medium it was created for.

Razer makes game controllers for console, as well as PC and today we will take a look at the popular Sabertooth model controller as well as its pros and cons.razer-gaming-controller-design-main

The Sabertooth model is a successor to the Onza controller, which is known for being highly customizable. The Onza received mixed reviews due to some issues such as difficult to reach buttons or triggers and a D-pad that failed to connect with players. The Sabertooth model controller features four more programmable buttons which increases the rear rocking switches to a total of six. The Sabertooth is a wired controller with an ambitious goal – never need to open a menu or configure mid game for most action oriented titles.

So how does the Sabertooth stack up?

The price point of the Razer Sabertooth is the first thing we will look at. Depending on which system you purchase for the price can run anywhere from 80$ to 150$. Since most game console controllers usually range around $30 -$50 this seems like a fair price for a fully customizable piece of hardware that allows for high performance gaming.

On the tech side the Razer Sabertooth offers an impressive amount of features that put most other controllers to shame.

This includes:razer-sabertooth-unlevel-the-playing-field-carousel-v3

  • 2 shoulder multi-function buttons (MFB)
  • 4 removable multi-function buttons (MFT)
  • 4 backlit Hyper response action buttons
  • OLED screen for feature customization
  • Non-slip rubber surfaceQuick-release
  • USB connectorDetachable 10 ft/3m lightweight braided fiber cable carrying case2.5 mm microphone jack

In addition the controller can be plugged directly into a PC as well as console.

Due to the sheer volume of features added to this controller the price also looks rather attractive. But how does it perform? By comparison, the Sabertooth controller is heads and shoulders above its predecessor the Onza. The controller is easier to handle, more comfortable and streamlined. In addition there is no distracting noise when using the analog sticks, something many users were concerned about in the Onza model controller.

The D-pad area of the Sabertooth also has been greatly improved, both in comfort as well as usability. The Sabertooth also allows for tweaking of the sensitivity of analog sticks on the fly via the OLED screen. The controller also allows for quick viewing to test the position of the analog sticks, useful when you suspect your controller may be misaligned.

While the majority of players are happy with their Razer Sabertooth, many report having issues such as buttons malfunctioning after several days use , malfunctioning (or unresponsive) controllers after several months time, dysfunctional analog sticks and a plague of right trigger errors. Fortunately this seems to be a problem reflected in a small number of customers, but it is something to be aware of when shelling out the money for such a high end controller.

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