Gaming Tournaments and Prize Money


Electronic Sports or eSports is now a viable sporting league in some parts of the world. This organization is relatively unknown to the masses but it is real sports league that pays out 7 digit figures to teams and individual players. eSports began way back in the 1980s as tournament competitions for games such as Space Invaders and Pac Man. Ten thousands players or more would sign up for these tournaments and would compete against each other for cash prizes and trophies.


Many of the original tournaments were sponsored by gaming company’s such as Atari and Nintendo back in the day. Currently, gaming tournaments are sponsored by corporations, businesses and video game developers. Here is a look at gaming tournaments and prize money that players and teams can win they compete.


DOTA Tournaments2016-04-04-image-13


DOTA tournaments are the most lucrative type of competition in eSports today. The payout for champions who win this tournament is a whopping $31,000,000. Some tournaments list the prize money for this game to as much as $60 million. Many professional sports players do not earn these types of salaries. DOTA or Defense of the Ancients is a part of the World of Warcraft Universe. This game is an online mod that has an arena. In the tournaments players have to fight against each other to destroyer their opponent’s bases and military forces. The premise of this game is fairly simple but it is hard to execute. The game is designed for team play and serious contenders spend years developing strategies to wipe out their opponents to win prize money and awards.


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League of Legends is another team orientated game and it is an RTS or Real Time Strategy game. League of Legend sporting competition can yield at least $7.5 million dollars for winners. The competition is fierce and if a team cannot execute a solid strategy they will not win.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is challenging online multiplayer game that puts two teams against one another. The terrorists and the counter-terrorists teams square off. The goal of this competition is for one team to take down the other. Some games also have teams to complete specific objectives. Teams who win this type of competition can amass at least $7 million in prizes on the low end and as much as $13 million on the high end.


Star Craft II


Tournaments for Star Craft II can yield as much as $19 million for winning teams. This game pits 3 factions against each other in a battle to wipe one another out. Teams can choose one of the 3 factions when they go to battle. Then they can begin to eliminate their opponents to take the purse.



Other competitions for games such as Call of Duty, Halo and Quake III: Arena are popular titles that pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash prizes. Keep in mind that eSports are team orientated and though individual competitors can challenge other teams; these games work best when allied with other people. You can find out information about these tournaments and the qualifying procedures by finding and contacting an eSport league or by signing up with organizations that promote these competitions.












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