Games to Look Forward to in 2016/17


There are lots of new games coming out in 2016/2017, but these triple A titles are the ones to really get excited about.




Dishonored 2dishonored2


This sequel to the underrated stealth-action title of 2012 is set to be even more ambitious than the first game. Now featuring Emily, the young princess from the original, as a playable character (in addition to returning assassin Corvo Attano), this sequel transports the action from dank Dunwall to sunny Karnaca. Unfortunately, this new location is just a plague-ridden as Dunwall, though this time the problem is not rats but insects known as bloodflies.


There’s no doubt this game looks stunning, and the team is working hard to make the final renderings look as close to their beautiful concept art as possible, but hopefully Dishonored 2 won’t make the same mistake as the original and punish players for making full use of the deadly arsenal at their disposal.



The Legend of Zelda5507


There is very little solid information known about this currently unnamed entry to the iconic Zelda series. We know it will be released on both the Wii U and Nintendo’s new console codenamed “NX”, and will feature the world of Hyrule in stunning HD graphics for the first time (outside of a remake). The game is thought to feature the most open world the series has ever seen, allowing Link and Epona to traverse the lush scenery in a non-linear fashion.


Since Nintendo’s E3 pre-show is going to focus exclusively on the game, hopefully it won’t be long until we know more about this sure-to-be-legendary title.



No Man’s Skyno-mans-sky


If it manages to live up to the hype, No Man’s Sky could deliver something genuinely unique. For those unfamiliar with the game, this title gives players the chance to explore a huge number of procedurally generated planets. 18 quintillion of them to be exact.


Until recently it’s been unclear what actual gameplay the title would offer but we now know it includes a number of varied options, including:


    • Pure exploration


    • Collecting and trading resources


    • Discovering and naming local wildlife


    • Survival elements including fighting predators and their robotic protectors


    • Space battles



With this much to do and so many planets to do it on, hopefully, No Man’s Sky will keep players entertained for a long time.



Final Fantasy XVFinal-Fantasy-15-Could-Determine-Console-Gaming-Fate


First announced in 2006 under a different name and for an entirely different console generation, the fifteenth main entry in the Final Fantasy series has been a long time coming, but this September it will finally see the light of day.


The game follows the adventures of Prince Noctis and his companions as they embark on an epic journey to retrieve a crystal to defeat his kingdom’s enemies. For the first time, players will have direct control over characters in battle, with the game making use of a Kingdom Hearts-style battle system. Whether this title can live up to ten years of hype remains to be seen, but after the disappointing FFXII, there’s certainly a lot riding on this game.





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