3 most successful videos games of all time


You will be shocked to know that there are many video games that have outgrossed Hollywood blockbusters! For example, the video game ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ and the movie ‘Batman and Robin’. The movie grossed $107 million in total, while the video game grossed $450 million! Here are the 3 most successful video games of all times.

1. World of Warcraft (2004)

wow logo

This game sold more than 10 million copies so far. It has earned about $10 billion. It is a multiplayer online role-playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the Warcraft universe.

2. Call of Duty – Black Ops (2010)


It was the best selling video in 2011 selling 23 million copies worldwide. It has earned about $1.5 billion. It is a first-person shooter video game developed by Trreyarch. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii consoles and Xbox 360. A Nintendo DS was also developed by n-Space. Within 24 hours of going on sale, more than 5.6 million copies of the game were sold.

3. Mario Kart for Wii (2008)

mario kart

The game has sold 28 million copies and has earned $ 1.4 billion. It is a racing video game developed by Nintendo. It incorporates playable characters from the Mario series who participate in kart races on different race tracks. They use specialized items to stop opponents or to gain advantages.

As video games have now become part of the mainstream, it is as profitable as Hollywood blockbusters. The reason they have gained so much popularity is that it can be played on multiple processors and are cheap as well.