Biggest Online Gaming Communities


Online games are a big deal for millions of people. These games allow people to come together to communicate, make connections and for entertainment. The following information will describe some of the best online gaming communities on the net.



Grand Theft Autodownload



The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the most popular video games series in history. People get to play as criminals and thugs which is secretly something that many people enjoy. This community is very popular because it attracts a diverse crowd and it offers so many different activities for players to engage in. Players can team up and form their own gangs and take down rivals. The Grand Theft Auto online community is not the biggest out there but it is very interesting to be a part of it.



World of WarcraftWorld-Of-Warcraft-Wallpaper-04



World of Warcraft or WoW is arguably one of the most popular online communities in existence. This community has been around for many years and it is a great place to meet other WoW fans and to team up against enemies. The huge world has a lot of quests and activities that could literally keep players busy for many years to come.



Lord of the Rings



Lord of the Rings online is a great online community because it provides a deeply rich experience for people who are big fans of this franchise. The community has not been around for a very long time but it is well received by more mature (older) gamers.



Call of Duty



Call of Duty is a video game that has been popular for many years. This war based first person shooter game is all about team play. COD fans can join up and fight against other players or form special elite teams to take on specific missions. The world is brutal and full of violence but overall COD is a great community and place to be.



Halo 3 Onlinedownload (3)



The Halo online community is another war based platform for gamers to engage in advanced warfare. This community has been around for years and provides people with players with lots of actions and battles sequences against other competitors. This online community has many missions and different scenarios as well.






Ultima is a role playing video game that has formed itself into an online community. This community is dedicated to having fun and helping each other; for the most part. The world of Ultima is extensive and the people are friendly and compliant.






Warhammer is not as popular as it used to be in the past; but it still remains one of the best online communities for gamers. The community is mainly composed of level headed people who really enjoy having a good time. Their are guilds, missions, adventures and activities for players to engage. This community still remains one of the best around.






Eve is multiplayer game that takes place in outer space. Players can control their own starships and have a unique profession. Eve is a great online community and most of the players are sensible individuals that really enjoy playing with other people. While the community is not that popular it still is one of the best to play.







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