Best FPS of 2016


First person shooter games are among the best genre in the video gaming industry. FPS games are popular because players can experience them from their normal point of view. They can also fight on a team with other people in multiplayer mode. Here is a look at some of the best FPS games of 2016.



Doom 4images (1)



Doom 4 is a first person shooter that has a long history in the gaming world. The Doom franchise has helped to define how all FPS games are designed and played in modern times. Doom 4 is going to take the FPS game to the next level. This game has lots of extras and many different challenges. It can be played in a multiplayer mode online and within a gaming community.



Homefront: The Revolutionheader


Homefront Revolution is the sequel to Homefront which was released in 2011. The second installment of this game proves to be better than the first. Players will battle in a futuristic world where North Korea has taken over America. The goal of this FPS is fight back against North Korean forces and retake the American homeland. This game has a lot to offer in terms missions and battle sequences.



Titan falltitanfall-game-cover-wallpapers-hd


Titan Fall is another FPS that many people will be playing in 2016. This game has mechs, various weapons and all sorts of missions and activities. The game moves fast and the world is interesting. Players can engage in multiplayer game mode and there will also be an online gaming community.



Call of Duty 2016Infinite Warfare



Call of Duty: Infinite War is a big hit in 2016. This FPS is a great game and it is the latest installment in the CoD series. Players will get a big kick out this blockbuster hit because it is more advanced, has better mechanics than the previous titles and allows greater interaction within the massive environments. CoD: Infinitive Warfare is definitely something to shout about.






Battleborn is all about heroes. These heroes have FPS skills that they pit against each other and evil villains. This game is also a multiplayer online title with arena play. Battleborn provides lots of options for people in terms of heroes that they want to be and teams that they want to join. The game moves fast and has a lot to offer.



Tom Clancy’s: The Division



Tom Clancy might not be around any more but his titles still live on. His video games have been among the best in the industry. The Division is the latest FPS by Clancy that is set up online. While the game is played like a third person shooter it still has elements that makes it more like an FPS. This game is loaded with action and is quick game play. These are some of the best FPS games that will be available in 2016.



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