Games to Look Forward to in 2016/17


There are lots of new games coming out in 2016/2017, but these triple A titles are the ones to really get excited about.




Dishonored 2dishonored2


This sequel to the underrated stealth-action title of 2012 is set to be even more ambitious than the first game. Now featuring Emily, the young princess from the original, as a playable character (in addition to returning assassin Corvo Attano), this sequel transports the action from dank Dunwall to sunny Karnaca. Unfortunately, this new location is just a plague-ridden as Dunwall, though this time the problem is not rats but insects known as bloodflies.


There’s no doubt this game looks stunning, and the team is working hard to make the final renderings look as close to their beautiful concept art as possible, but hopefully Dishonored 2 won’t make the same mistake as the original and punish players for making full use of the deadly arsenal at their disposal.



The Legend of Zelda5507


There is very little solid information known about this currently unnamed entry to the iconic Zelda series. We know it will be released on both the Wii U and Nintendo’s new console codenamed “NX”, and will feature the world of Hyrule in stunning HD graphics for the first time (outside of a remake). The game is thought to feature the most open world the series has ever seen, allowing Link and Epona to traverse the lush scenery in a non-linear fashion.


Since Nintendo’s E3 pre-show is going to focus exclusively on the game, hopefully it won’t be long until we know more about this sure-to-be-legendary title.



No Man’s Skyno-mans-sky


If it manages to live up to the hype, No Man’s Sky could deliver something genuinely unique. For those unfamiliar with the game, this title gives players the chance to explore a huge number of procedurally generated planets. 18 quintillion of them to be exact.


Until recently it’s been unclear what actual gameplay the title would offer but we now know it includes a number of varied options, including:


    • Pure exploration


    • Collecting and trading resources


    • Discovering and naming local wildlife


    • Survival elements including fighting predators and their robotic protectors


    • Space battles



With this much to do and so many planets to do it on, hopefully, No Man’s Sky will keep players entertained for a long time.



Final Fantasy XVFinal-Fantasy-15-Could-Determine-Console-Gaming-Fate


First announced in 2006 under a different name and for an entirely different console generation, the fifteenth main entry in the Final Fantasy series has been a long time coming, but this September it will finally see the light of day.


The game follows the adventures of Prince Noctis and his companions as they embark on an epic journey to retrieve a crystal to defeat his kingdom’s enemies. For the first time, players will have direct control over characters in battle, with the game making use of a Kingdom Hearts-style battle system. Whether this title can live up to ten years of hype remains to be seen, but after the disappointing FFXII, there’s certainly a lot riding on this game.





Biggest Online Gaming Communities


Online games are a big deal for millions of people. These games allow people to come together to communicate, make connections and for entertainment. The following information will describe some of the best online gaming communities on the net.



Grand Theft Autodownload



The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the most popular video games series in history. People get to play as criminals and thugs which is secretly something that many people enjoy. This community is very popular because it attracts a diverse crowd and it offers so many different activities for players to engage in. Players can team up and form their own gangs and take down rivals. The Grand Theft Auto online community is not the biggest out there but it is very interesting to be a part of it.



World of WarcraftWorld-Of-Warcraft-Wallpaper-04



World of Warcraft or WoW is arguably one of the most popular online communities in existence. This community has been around for many years and it is a great place to meet other WoW fans and to team up against enemies. The huge world has a lot of quests and activities that could literally keep players busy for many years to come.



Lord of the Rings



Lord of the Rings online is a great online community because it provides a deeply rich experience for people who are big fans of this franchise. The community has not been around for a very long time but it is well received by more mature (older) gamers.



Call of Duty



Call of Duty is a video game that has been popular for many years. This war based first person shooter game is all about team play. COD fans can join up and fight against other players or form special elite teams to take on specific missions. The world is brutal and full of violence but overall COD is a great community and place to be.



Halo 3 Onlinedownload (3)



The Halo online community is another war based platform for gamers to engage in advanced warfare. This community has been around for years and provides people with players with lots of actions and battles sequences against other competitors. This online community has many missions and different scenarios as well.






Ultima is a role playing video game that has formed itself into an online community. This community is dedicated to having fun and helping each other; for the most part. The world of Ultima is extensive and the people are friendly and compliant.






Warhammer is not as popular as it used to be in the past; but it still remains one of the best online communities for gamers. The community is mainly composed of level headed people who really enjoy having a good time. Their are guilds, missions, adventures and activities for players to engage. This community still remains one of the best around.






Eve is multiplayer game that takes place in outer space. Players can control their own starships and have a unique profession. Eve is a great online community and most of the players are sensible individuals that really enjoy playing with other people. While the community is not that popular it still is one of the best to play.







Most Controversial Games of all Time

It was the game’s infamous “No Russian” mission which really riled people up, a level which sees players assume the role of a deep-cover CIA agent, who joins a group of ultranationalist Russian terrorists as they massacre a civilian airport. Whilst the player is not required to kill any civilians themselves, the level proved so controversial that it was removed from the Russian version of the game, and modified in Japan and Germany. The level also gave the game the dubious honor of being one of very few video games to be discussed in the British parliament.



Resident Evil 5Resident_Evil_5_Box_Artwork


The fifth entry in the iconic Resident Evil series caused controversy not due to its outdated control system, but instead by setting the game in Africa. Whilst this isn’t controversial on its own, there was something extremely uncomfortable about seeing muscled white hero Chris Redfield killing wave after wave of black zombified villagers. Things were made even worse by the use of classic racist imagery in one of the game’s trailers, with one reviewer commenting that the content of the game was so problematic that it could have been written in the 1920s.



Manhunt (series)download (2)


After the original game was implicated (though police and courts later rejected this implication) in the murder of one British teenager by another, it’s surprising that a sequel was ever made. The gameplay of the series involves players having to stealthily execute enemies in increasingly brutal ways, using a wide variety of deadly weapons. The realistic violence depicted was too much for some, with the original game being banned in New Zealand, and the sequel being repeatedly denied classification in the UK and given an Adults Only rating in the US. As a result of this, the games extreme content had to be edited in order to receive 18 and M ratings respectively.



Grand Theft Auto (series)GTA-Series-grand-theft-auto-33847202-960-540


The father of all video game controversy, over the years GTA has allowed players to commit all kinds of criminal acts, including:


    • Murder


    • Assault


    • Drug dealing


    • Theft


    • Gun crime


    • Drink driving



Not to mention innumerable others, so it’s really no surprise that the series has caused such controversy. Perhaps the most infamous example was GTA San Andreas’ “Hot Coffee” mod, which allowed players to sleep with their in-game girlfriend. The outcry was so severe that the developers issued a mandatory recall of the game, with many lawsuits being taken out against them. This even led to some US senators calling for a change in the legislation of how video game ratings were enforced.





Top Budget Graphics Cards

The importance of video graphics in gaming cannot be overemphasized. But you don’t have to invest in a
$200 graphics card in order to enjoy the gaming experience. There are numerous quality graphics cards
that can play at 720p and 1080p with medium-high settings. If you are working with a budget of between
$70 and $150, you can have a decent gaming experience as both AMD and Nvidia continue releasing newer,
efficient, and pocket friendly graphic cards. These are compatible with the latest windows 10 and skylake
processors and support the latest direct X 12, which makes them ideal for the newest titles. The following
is a guide to the top budget graphics cards for 2016 designed for gaming at 1080p. But first things first:

What you should know
Graphics cards come with their own processor and a fan that automatically turns on when the GPU needs to
be cooled down. They either come part of a prebuilt desktop or you’ll need to put together you’re own build with other components. heat sink is also integrated onto the chip for displacing any unwanted heat produced as
you use the card.

The least amount of working memory should be 256mb. Most people today use an SLI-ready motherboard,
which allows the use of two graphics cards without the need for two computers. Before purchasing, you
need to ensure the video card is compatible with your PC. A PCI express will not work with an AGP
interface, so you’ll have to return it to your seller. The AGP slot comes with 4X and 8X speeds, while the
PCI slot works with 4X,8X, 16X & 32X.

#MSI Nvidia GeForce GT 610 GDDR3 2GBe7c1dc7e20efc57e9558790fe65aee06

Budget $59.99

This is a pretty functional GPU – an OEM only, entry level graphics card.

The code name for its GPU isGF119-B1, which comes with 1 Stream activated multiprocessors and subsequently offers 4 ROPs, 8 TMUs,
and 48 Shader Processing Units. The Central Unit clocks in at 550MHz, whiles the GPU uses a 1GB frame
buffer (DDR3) via a memory interface of 64 bits.
It supports Direct X 11.0 and is compatible with Realtime Raytracing, PhysX, 3D Vision Surround, and
other technologies.

#EVGA GeForce GT 740tumblr_o30gf5hN3z1uxnx66o1_500

Budget $99.99

This a special version of the GeForce GT 740, which has been overclocked from 993 to 1059MHz.

Thememory clock has been downgraded to 667MHz to make the graphics card single slotted, while the framebuffer was boosted to 4GB. However, this does not contribute to its performance, and is just an insanemarketing gimmick aimed at confusing customers into paying more for the same item.The 4GB frame buffer of GDDR3 operates at a memory interface of 128 bits. The GPU supports Direct X12.0, and is compatible with Realtime Raytracing, PhysX, 3D Vision Surround, DirectCompute, OpenCL,CUDA, and other technologies.

#EVGA GeForce GT 730 DD3 2GB234501179.gigabyte-gf-gt640-2gb-64bit-ddr5-pci-e-n640d5-2gi

Budget: $69.99
The GeForce GT 730 graphics card is based on the 2nd revision of the Kepler Architecture, and is integrated
with the Kepler GK208 GPU. It comes with 2 Stream Multiprocessors, but with half its bus width in order to
accommodate an even lesser power consumption and subsequently cooler working temperature. The CU
(Central Unit) operates at 902MHz and the GPU uses a 2GB frame buffer (DDR3), via a memory interface of
64 bits. Supports Direct X 11.0, and allows for Realtime Raytracing, PhysX, 3D Vision Surround,
DirectCompute, OpenCL, CUDA, Optimus, and other technologies.

#EVGA GeForce GTX 750

Budget: $123.99
This is a special version of the GeForce GTX 750, which is designed with a custom cooling solution that
allows a slight boost in performance with its Boost 2.0 technology. It comes with 4 activated Stream
Microprocessors, and subsequently offers 16 ROPs, 32 TMUs, and 512 Shader Processing Units that operate
on a memory interface of 128 bits via GDDR5. The operating band width of its central unit is between
1250MHz and 1085MHz, while that of the memory clock is 1250MHz. It supports Direct X 11.2, and allows
for PhysX, GeForce Experience, GPU Boost 2.0, G-SYNC, GameStream, and other technologies.


In case your CPU temperature exceeds the 55 degrees Celsius mark while playing, you may want to invest
in a graphics card that excretes hot air at the back. But if the CPU temperature does not rise above that, a
quieter custom cooler will be ideal, and the heat dissipation may actually extend your GPU’s lifespan. The
important thing is to factor in cooling while shopping for the top budget graphics cards in the market.

Razer Gaming Controllers Review

Razer is a company that features several brands of high-end gaming controllers. Some of their most popular models include the Onza , Sabertooth , Serval, Tartatus and the R-Z06 model gamer controller. Razer is known in the gaming world for their high performance products and fully customizable gaming controllers. Each model has a specific use depending on the medium it was created for.

Razer makes game controllers for console, as well as PC and today we will take a look at the popular Sabertooth model controller as well as its pros and cons.razer-gaming-controller-design-main

The Sabertooth model is a successor to the Onza controller, which is known for being highly customizable. The Onza received mixed reviews due to some issues such as difficult to reach buttons or triggers and a D-pad that failed to connect with players. The Sabertooth model controller features four more programmable buttons which increases the rear rocking switches to a total of six. The Sabertooth is a wired controller with an ambitious goal – never need to open a menu or configure mid game for most action oriented titles.

So how does the Sabertooth stack up?

The price point of the Razer Sabertooth is the first thing we will look at. Depending on which system you purchase for the price can run anywhere from 80$ to 150$. Since most game console controllers usually range around $30 -$50 this seems like a fair price for a fully customizable piece of hardware that allows for high performance gaming.

On the tech side the Razer Sabertooth offers an impressive amount of features that put most other controllers to shame.

This includes:razer-sabertooth-unlevel-the-playing-field-carousel-v3

  • 2 shoulder multi-function buttons (MFB)
  • 4 removable multi-function buttons (MFT)
  • 4 backlit Hyper response action buttons
  • OLED screen for feature customization
  • Non-slip rubber surfaceQuick-release
  • USB connectorDetachable 10 ft/3m lightweight braided fiber cable carrying case2.5 mm microphone jack

In addition the controller can be plugged directly into a PC as well as console.

Due to the sheer volume of features added to this controller the price also looks rather attractive. But how does it perform? By comparison, the Sabertooth controller is heads and shoulders above its predecessor the Onza. The controller is easier to handle, more comfortable and streamlined. In addition there is no distracting noise when using the analog sticks, something many users were concerned about in the Onza model controller.

The D-pad area of the Sabertooth also has been greatly improved, both in comfort as well as usability. The Sabertooth also allows for tweaking of the sensitivity of analog sticks on the fly via the OLED screen. The controller also allows for quick viewing to test the position of the analog sticks, useful when you suspect your controller may be misaligned.

While the majority of players are happy with their Razer Sabertooth, many report having issues such as buttons malfunctioning after several days use , malfunctioning (or unresponsive) controllers after several months time, dysfunctional analog sticks and a plague of right trigger errors. Fortunately this seems to be a problem reflected in a small number of customers, but it is something to be aware of when shelling out the money for such a high end controller.

5 ways virtual reality is changing the gaming world


Virtual reality is the new talk of the town. It is said to change our world in many ways. Well, here are five ways it is changing the gaming world.

The Oculus Rift

It is a Virtual Reality headset that removes bad memories of VR’s past and replaces them with something more affordable. It has attracted lot of games developers. The consumer version of the game will be available for PC, Mac, Windows and Android later this year for only $300.


Steam VR is created for backing up Oculus Rift. It is developed by people behind Steam and Steam Machine consoles. It will be much easier for games programmers to add VR components to games now. The game is likely to support VR features in future games, like ‘Team Fortress 2’.

Sony PlayStation VR

Oculus Rift isn’t available in Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation. So, Sony now has a VR solution in mind. They are also coming up with a headset.

Microsoft Xbox Kinect VR

Microsoft has designed a VR headset in 2012. Xbox One now has USB 3.0 ports for including VR options later. This will be used when high bandwidth communication will be required from other accessories or devices.

VR is amazing

VR replaces the real world with an entire new virtual world. This has been possible due to the advances of motion and display technologies.

Virtual Reality gives you a way to experience another world. This world is very similar to our present world. The gaming industry will be totally transformed with the application of Virtual Reality. Now your playing experience will be like playing in the real world with real enemies. Thrilling, right?

4 gaming review sites you should read regularly


With so many games being created every month, review sites have become very demanding for gamers. Using these sites, gamers can read reviews of hundreds of games and then decide which games to buy and play. Here are the top 4 gaming review sites.


MC Logo

Here you will find news about new game releases and trailers for recent and upcoming videos game releases for all platforms. These are updated weekly. You will get to know about the top video games of the week and many more. You will find reviews of games in all platforms.



This is a great site for latest gaming reviews. You will get reviews for different platforms like XBox, Nintendo, PlayStation, etc. The recent reviews include ‘Salt and Sanctuary’, ‘Hitman’, ‘The Division’, ‘Final Fantasy Explorers’, etc.


This site has reviews of ‘Fallout 4’, ‘Tomb Rider’, ‘Far Cry 4’ and other latest popular games. You will also find interesting articles on game, including playing styles, which version of the game is better, etc.


This site indexes more than 240000 game reviews from both offline and online sourses. It scores each game based on multiple reviews.

The special feature of these review sites is that the contents are updated regularly. You will find reviews about even the most recent game that has been released. You will also find news about upcoming games and their anticipated performance in the market. The reviews are written by gaming experts and so they are very genuine. Reading reviews saves your time from playing games that are not so good.

3 most successful videos games of all time


You will be shocked to know that there are many video games that have outgrossed Hollywood blockbusters! For example, the video game ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ and the movie ‘Batman and Robin’. The movie grossed $107 million in total, while the video game grossed $450 million! Here are the 3 most successful video games of all times.

1. World of Warcraft (2004)

wow logo

This game sold more than 10 million copies so far. It has earned about $10 billion. It is a multiplayer online role-playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the Warcraft universe.

2. Call of Duty – Black Ops (2010)


It was the best selling video in 2011 selling 23 million copies worldwide. It has earned about $1.5 billion. It is a first-person shooter video game developed by Trreyarch. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii consoles and Xbox 360. A Nintendo DS was also developed by n-Space. Within 24 hours of going on sale, more than 5.6 million copies of the game were sold.

3. Mario Kart for Wii (2008)

mario kart

The game has sold 28 million copies and has earned $ 1.4 billion. It is a racing video game developed by Nintendo. It incorporates playable characters from the Mario series who participate in kart races on different race tracks. They use specialized items to stop opponents or to gain advantages.

As video games have now become part of the mainstream, it is as profitable as Hollywood blockbusters. The reason they have gained so much popularity is that it can be played on multiple processors and are cheap as well.