5 ways virtual reality is changing the gaming world


Virtual reality is the new talk of the town. It is said to change our world in many ways. Well, here are five ways it is changing the gaming world.

The Oculus Rift

It is a Virtual Reality headset that removes bad memories of VR’s past and replaces them with something more affordable. It has attracted lot of games developers. The consumer version of the game will be available for PC, Mac, Windows and Android later this year for only $300.


Steam VR is created for backing up Oculus Rift. It is developed by people behind Steam and Steam Machine consoles. It will be much easier for games programmers to add VR components to games now. The game is likely to support VR features in future games, like ‘Team Fortress 2’.

Sony PlayStation VR

Oculus Rift isn’t available in Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation. So, Sony now has a VR solution in mind. They are also coming up with a headset.

Microsoft Xbox Kinect VR

Microsoft has designed a VR headset in 2012. Xbox One now has USB 3.0 ports for including VR options later. This will be used when high bandwidth communication will be required from other accessories or devices.

VR is amazing

VR replaces the real world with an entire new virtual world. This has been possible due to the advances of motion and display technologies.

Virtual Reality gives you a way to experience another world. This world is very similar to our present world. The gaming industry will be totally transformed with the application of Virtual Reality. Now your playing experience will be like playing in the real world with real enemies. Thrilling, right?

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