4 gaming review sites you should read regularly


With so many games being created every month, review sites have become very demanding for gamers. Using these sites, gamers can read reviews of hundreds of games and then decide which games to buy and play. Here are the top 4 gaming review sites.


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Here you will find news about new game releases and trailers for recent and upcoming videos game releases for all platforms. These are updated weekly. You will get to know about the top video games of the week and many more. You will find reviews of games in all platforms.



This is a great site for latest gaming reviews. You will get reviews for different platforms like XBox, Nintendo, PlayStation, etc. The recent reviews include ‘Salt and Sanctuary’, ‘Hitman’, ‘The Division’, ‘Final Fantasy Explorers’, etc.



This site has reviews of ‘Fallout 4’, ‘Tomb Rider’, ‘Far Cry 4’ and other latest popular games. You will also find interesting articles on game, including playing styles, which version of the game is better, etc.



This site indexes more than 240000 game reviews from both offline and online sourses. It scores each game based on multiple reviews.

The special feature of these review sites is that the contents are updated regularly. You will find reviews about even the most recent game that has been released. You will also find news about upcoming games and their anticipated performance in the market. The reviews are written by gaming experts and so they are very genuine. Reading reviews saves your time from playing games that are not so good.

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