Gadgets like PlayStation and Xbox get all the attention out there. However, hardcore gaming enthusiasts don’t recognize them at all. The reason why PCs are highly favored is quite obvious: people have more control over software, hardware, and graphic elements. Again, they can access them for a cheaper price.

PC gaming Vs Consoles

Why taking control of hardware feels good

As a desktop owner running a PC designed for gaming, you recon the possibility of removing and replacing internal components with better ones. What this means is that you have the freedom to stay on the bleeding edge where video game technology is concerned.

But if you own a console, you will no doubt find themselves stuck with components that came with it. There’s no way to upgrade components to accommodate future demand. What is more, you can’t take advantage of new video game graphic technology, and this is a real setback.

To cut a long story short, your gadget would be treated as obsolete the moment it’s released into the market. You can’t upgrade it to match current technology, unless you’re buying a new one. Lacking the freedom to upgrade graphics and processing power limits the fun.

More attention on graphics

Using a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox will feel and look good because their manufacturers have incorporated the latest processors to run games efficiently. But this is not the case with previous generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

You should take note that the more efficient these components become, the more expensive the gadget becomes to the average person.

You see, when Sony company announced a $500 price tag for the PlayStation 3, people become astonished. Other gadgets have since been released into the market, costing an arm and a leg to buy. And the worst thing is that you’re paying such a hefty price for something that won’t work as efficient with future games.

You generally don’t need to folk out some $3,500 to operate games with higher graphics — at least where PCs are concerned. Instead, a $300 worth desktop would be sufficient for you.

Going the desktop way is all cheap and enjoyable

No doubt, desktop users get value for money unlike those who use consoles. We must admit that the latter is trying to catch up, although desktop platforms still take the lead where the cost of buying games is concerned. The average Xbox game would cost you double what you’d spend on the same game in its PC version. So other than saving on the cost of a PC, you will be saving on the overall cost of games.

Final word

We love PCs because they give the freedom to take full control over the OS unlike consoles. For instance, one can use Microsoft office on a desktop and still operate other software at the same time. This kind of arrangement is not available on a gaming device. In that respect,PCs tend to offer more value to users unlike consoles.

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